Available November 14, 2023:

Zira already knew that Curtis Farrow was guilty. The proof was documented by pictures, DNA evidence, and the testimony of his clients and co-conspirators. More than that, he wore his guilt like a neon sign. Reeking of fear sweat, with resigned, fearful lines pinching his eyes as he shifted and squirmed in his chair, refusing to meet her eyes.

Zira once had a life. A girlfriend. A favorite bar. A hairstyle. And a secret. But when her father sells her out as a Reader, she has to leave every part of that old life behind. Now she’s forced to work for law enforcement, reading and erasing memories of those who violate the Golden Nova’s few and corruptly enforced laws. She’s hated and feared by everyone who would prefer to keep their memories private and intact. The only thing making her new life bearable is her working partner, Bea, her service dog who has the ability to shut out all the thoughts of the people around her.

When Zira makes the decision to omit a memory from a report to protect a stranger, it arouses suspicion. Suddenly she’s in trouble at work, and a vindictive casino boss and the queen of a massive drug empire are vying to get her under their control. Caught between three corrupt factions and the vacuum of space, can Zira keep her loved ones safe, and be able to live with herself in the end?

Book cover for A Feast For Flies by Leigh Harlen. Cover image features a woman with hair shorn close on one side, holding the leash of a spotted dog sitting at attention, aboard a decaying starship with brightly colored lights.

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