Have you heard of The Book Stewards? It’s a relatively new site, run by Teika & Tom Bellamy, dedicated to sharing helpful information with writers — whether that be editing tips, advice on prioritizing your time, or Q&As with various small publisher. The last of which I was recently asked to contribute to!

So if you’re curious about what I look for in a manuscript, or why or how I’m doing this, or if forced, what I would pick when offered a choice between tea, chocolate cake, or beads, you might want to check it out.

Oh, and I just have to say: Teika is one of those wonderful forces of connection and support who is always building networks and cheering on others. She publishes books at Mother’s Milk Books, writes poetry and fiction, and hosts groups for both writers and indie publishers. If publishers had acknowledgements sections, she would be in mine. Thanks for drawing me in, Teika!

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