Bride of the River God


Bride of the River God is by author and comic creator Sarah A. Macklin. An all ages fantasy in which a young woman is transported to the mysterious gods world — where anything could be a spirit, and the very land might betray her. A magical tale of finding your strength, and fighting for what you hold dear.

Cover illustration by Olusayo Ajetunmobi

Publication date: December 13, 2022



Anene is chosen as her generation’s bride to the river god Nniro – but when she arrives in the world of the gods, instead of a welcoming groom, she finds Nniro with his heart ripped out of his chest. While she had never wanted to marry a stranger, god or no, Nniro’s death could threaten the river her village depends on, and thus the life of everyone she knows and loves. With nothing but her own determination to guide her, she sets off on a quest to restore Nniro’s heart.

Macklin has created a magical world of strange creatures and capricious gods, where a young woman can discover what she is truly made of.


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